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Create Your Own Meme with WordPress Meme Generator Plugin

A picture speaks a thousand words. This is probably an old saying but with the rise in popularity of memes, the words in the saying have started to make more sense than before. In fact it has become really easy for anyone to comment or express a particular opinion with a meme as there are less words involved and somehow that even leads to a bit of humor. Talks apart, the main thing that I’d like to share with you today is an amazing plugin that allows you to create your own meme and publish it to your WordPress blog instantly. Continue reading Create Your Own Meme with WordPress Meme Generator Plugin

The Best Web Hosting Services You Should Be Using

Well we see a lot of people today who are really crazy to lead the life of an online entrepreneur and the phenomenon seems to increase after the release of the movie The Social Network which motivated a lot of people to become somewhat the next Mark Zuckerberg. Some of the most common ways of entering the internet industry remains blogging or web app development and the most important aspect of all this which cannot be avoided is web hosting.

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Easily Monetize Facebook, Tumblr and More with IZEA

Earning money online has always been an exciting topic for most of the people who are addicted to the internet. Since the introduction of social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr internet has taken a step ahead when it comes to addiction whereas most of the people have nothing to gain from it in any way. Here’s the catch, what if you are able to earn while you are on Facebook or Tumblr by just updating status updates? Sounds nice and soon its going to be possible. Continue reading Easily Monetize Facebook, Tumblr and More with IZEA

The Top 8 DAWs For Mobile

Audio revolution has been huge since it found a connection with technology as it not only led to creating a great quality of music but also helped reduce prices of many musicians who dreamed about a studio recording. As with the introduction of smartphones it has now become really easy for people to work on the go, so when it comes to working why not get your music done while you are travelling or stuck up at a place where you can not get a audio workstation.

Smartphones(and the smart operating systems behind it) have made the process of music creation really easy and to add more to it the music software companies have come up with music apps that are easy to understand and use on the mobile interface. You may be surprised to know that these music apps have facility to record(not all of them) using regular audio interfaces that you use on your computer, that  makes it even better. What you can’t do is record at any place(noise) but for other activities(mixing, arranging) these apps are a complete power-packed box. Of course many may find this daunting at first but sooner or later this will become easier than you have ever imagined about.

No more talks and lets have a quick look at the top DAWs for mobile that include both iOS and Android. You can click on the name of the app to head on to the marketplace and download it to your smartphone.

FL Studio


One of the biggest known names for all those who use Windows. Initially started as a sequencer was only targeted to people who were newbies in music but now is being used by several professionals around the world. The app is available for both the iOS as well as Android. One of the biggest advantage I would see here is that you can continue to edit your music file after you have transferred the project from your smartphone to your computer.


Apple’s iconic DAW that makes both learning and making music a fun experience. As usual like any other Apple interface, this has a great interface to play with. In no time one can fall in love with the endless features this software has although this is only available for the Apple devices(you already guessed it). In case you are an Apple fanboy or by any chance have an Apple device do consider giving this a try.



Once again one of the popular DAWs(Cubase) that is used on the computer is here. Its version for Apple smart devices is amazing and this too allows users to continue their tasks on a fully featured computer once they transfer the project files.

Caustic 2

A great music creation tool that allows you to use synthesizers on your smartphone. Relatively new but is becoming one of the most used music apps by musicians. As long as I know the only version of this app is available for Android and not for any other platform.

Pocket Band

A great tool for Android(only) that consists of loops, synthesizers and much more. Apart from other apps listed here this has the facility to render your music on a remote cloud based system. Another great advantage you get is you can easily network with your friends to create music.

Touch DAW

This app is mainly a DAW controller for Android(once again Android only). When I tried this it didn’t have a lot of features but what I noticed was that it had a simple interface.

Audio Evolution

This app is more like a complete DAW for any musicians needs. Why complete? because everything you use on a full featured computer is somehow present here in this app. Right now this is only available for Android devices.

Nano Studio

Once again this is a full featured recording studio that one can think about, the only difference is that this app is only available for iOS.

The best these can do is for musicians who simply strike an idea while not around a studio and the best you can do is to continue your project in your home studio once you transfer the project file to you PC after you started it on your smartphone.

After reading the above I’m certain you would get know that I’m a great Android fan(oh yeah!) but as I type this article on a Mac I’m an admirer of Apple Products as well. Once you try any of the apps mentioned above do post your views about it.

How To Enable Private Messages in WordPress [Tutorial]

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best tools out to be used as a CMS, membership website or as a blogging software. If anyone is planning to build any website where there will be having multiple users signing up for it then there may be chances that they would like to interact with each other. A simple solution to this may be using Buddypress but that turns the whole blog into a social network which may not be required so there is this plugin which will help you enable private messages easily.

Go to the WordPress repository and get a plugin called Cartpauj PM.


Message List on Frontend

This is one of the simplest plugin I have used till now that allows users to communicate with each other using private messages. There are certain features that you’d love in it such as :

  • You can have the messaging interface completely on the frontend. No coding required, only a shortcode.
  • You can set the message quota for users. This so that the users don’t violate any policy and also this helps reduce spam.
  • Once a user sends a message, a corresponding email is also sent to the users email ID telling him/her that a message has been received.
  • Optional Branding. You can give credits to the Cartpauj team if you want to but that is optional.

All of this for free. Hard to believe, well it won’t be if you go ahead and try it out.

(Image Source Cartpauj)

The Top 5 Cheap VPN Services You Should Go Ahead For

Have you ever wondered that whatever you are browsing on the web may be monitored by your ISP or may sometimes be exposed to anyone who is capable enough of hacking into your network. Its only because of this that most of the online crimes happen where the bank details or even email IDs of people are hacked resulting in a loss of privacy. Is there a way to get out of this? Well yes there is and its called VPN. If you require any further reasons for using one you should be reading this article at Lifehacker that will change the way you think and will explain you how unsafe the web may be at times. Continue reading The Top 5 Cheap VPN Services You Should Go Ahead For

A Pictorial Guide To Responsive Email Design

In the recent years the web has seen a complete transformation. As we see the growth of online gaming in mobile also the growth of various devices it becomes important for designers to follow up a pattern that allows their design to be viewed and understood properly in every device it is being seen. So here you go with a pictorial guide about how you can have a responsive email design.

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The Growth of Online Mobile Gaming (Infographic)

Gaming has always been one of the most important aspects of technology. When the PC revolution began it gave rise to gaming and in fact Windows has only been a big success because of its support for gaming. Now when the whole world is getting inclined more towards mobile instead of desktops/laptops lets have a look at how online mobile gaming going on. Continue reading The Growth of Online Mobile Gaming (Infographic)

Top 18 Free WordPress Themes You Should Try

WordPress which in no doubt is one of the most user friendly CMS available and what makes it even better is the freedom it comes along with. Apart from being free and open source, a user can easily control the way WordPress looks and works. This is where the themes and plugins come into work. Continue reading Top 18 Free WordPress Themes You Should Try

RouteNote Announces Major Upgrade, Introduces New Music Stores

RouteNote has been around for a while now and has been one of the coolest music submitting websites. Recently they announced that they have speeded up their music submission services as well as introduced the Youtube Artist programs but it seems like they just didn’t stop working on it. This time it is big and much bigger than what most of its competitors have to offer.

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How to Migrate From Tumblr To WordPress Perfectly

Tumblr is a great tool for bloggers(mainly microbloggers) to come up with any type of content an share it with the world. In many cases Tumblr does stand as a better choice than self hosted WordPress as it has some amazing inbuilt tools that can make the work easy of many people using it. But what happens when you decide to move to WordPress as you need more independence. Its really essential to migrate from Tumblr to WordPress perfectly and that is what requires a little bit of work.

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The 10 Best Sheldon Cooper Memes

Its sure that The Big Bang Theory is one of the best sitcoms ever and as usual every character in the show has something unique. Apart form every one else we can never forget Sheldon Cooper or Dr Sheldon Cooper who has a uniqueness in everything he does. If you clearly look into this you will easily figure out that every thing is says is somewhere or the other inspiring in some or the other way.

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Top Three Self Hosted Web Analytics Software

Measuring the performance of websites or web applications is one of the most important thing that a web developer/entrepreneur has to do. The most common name that is heard of when it comes to measuring web traffic is Google Analytics although some people may have their own reasons not to use it. In these cases their are a lot of open source alternatives which may do the exact measurement you want to see. So if you are not getting what you want with Google analytics have a look at some of the self hosted web analytics software that you can use for free. Continue reading Top Three Self Hosted Web Analytics Software

A Quick Look On Social Media For Graphic Designers (Infographic)

Social Media which is this generation’s most powerful tool that we have seen till now plays its role in many ways. One of the most significant place where it contributes is business. So if you are wondering how social media is shaping your business image to the world you really need to have a proper visual appearance. If you are a graphic designer and you don’t know how you can design in a way that can have a great appeal have a look on social media for graphic designers.

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Ways To Protect Yourself From Hackers (Infographic)

Social Media has become a great tool for every communication and business purpose that makes us rely entirely on the web. What has to be taken care of in such a situation is if any one can look into your online accounts that person might be even capable of stealing your bank account information and many other things. The misuse of technology is possible and has been happening but there are some ways one can protect from these happening.

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Top 7 Cities For Startups in USA(Infographic)

The United States has always been known for its uniqueness in business and one of the best things that keeps the country running is the innovative startups that come up. As a startup founder there are many thins that one has to take into consideration such as a place where one can get the best business climate that would include the costs, taxes as well as investors. The following is an infographic that I came across reading about startups at Quora that shows the top 7 cities for startups in USA.

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The Top 5 Websites For WordPress Beginners

It has been a long time since WordPress evolved itself from just being a blogging software to a complete CMS. Its amazing to see which is completely built on WordPress is doing so well along with having such an amazing design and functionality. Starting up with WordPress is no more tough as most of the web hosting services provide inbuilt facilities to install WordPress with a few clicks, but when it comes to exploring it takes time and effort.

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The Top 9 Things Smartphones Replaced in Our Daily Lives

Smartphones play a great roles in our daily lives and in some ways have become inseparable from us. Somewhere down the line if Ubuntu Edge becomes a true success, may be our smartphones would become the only thing that we work on. In a lot of ways that may sound amazing but for now there have been a lot of things that have been phased out of our daily lives. Why? Because our smartphones replaced it. Don’t believe, have a look and then decide how much did you use these devices when the iPhones or Androids weren’t around and how much you use them now. Continue reading The Top 9 Things Smartphones Replaced in Our Daily Lives

Top 5 Websites To Get A US Virtual Bank Account

The web has seen tremendous growth when it comes up to money management/money transfer or banking as more and more people are going paper less everyday. One of the most significant role that the web plays when it comes to online entrepreneurs is that they can easily set up their online work without any trouble or expense. As is with many affiliate programs or so they have a requirement of the user or the affiliate marketer having a US bank account for receiving payments. As getting a bank account is tough the best alternative is to get a US virtual bank account. Lets have a look how.

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Here Is Mark Shuttleworths Message To All Ubuntu Edge Supporters

Ubuntu Edge undoubtedly is the most amazing project going on in the mobile industry right now. To add up, its being backed up by Canonical the company which has strongly believed in the power of open source and has implemented in a lot of amazing ways anyone can imagine about. When Ubuntu Edge started it was predicted as a magical project or as the future of mobile computing although the slow pace of development is a great source of concern for all its supporters. With all this here goes Mark Shuttleworths message to all. Continue reading Here Is Mark Shuttleworths Message To All Ubuntu Edge Supporters

Where Should You Start Your Startup (Infographic)

With amazing technologies and smart tools entering the market the startup culture has become one of the most popular things. In fact a lot of people don’t want to get a job and instead want to be master of some idea that will revolutionize the entire way people live or do some thing. Although this may sound really col, building a company or a strong sustainable business is not that easy. So every once in a while entrepreneurs face this question, where to start your startup? The answer is actually diverse.

In any way as you see projects like Blueseed are up and soon going to become a reality the question still lies as what country or city would be the best to launch an idea. The following infographic gives a little bit of idea by comparing some hot destinations for entrepreneurs.


(Source Quora and Brazen Life)

Top 10 Facts “Back To The Future 2” Got Wrong

Back to the Future is one of the best time travel movies of all time and sure it does show an amazing connection between different times. The second part of the movie has both the touch of 1985, 1955 as well as 2015(which is yet to arrive) and previously Business Insider posted an article about what the movie got right as it shows something like Google glasses in it .

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Blueseed : Visa Free America Possible For Entrepreneurs

An dream and a dream(with hardwork) are enough to land up a person in a place or a situation that no one can ever imagine about. Steve Jobs the founder of Apple even believed in imagination so strongly that he had said, “the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do it.” Probably that is the thinking that took him ahead an create such amazing products. Anyhow in this digital age its not only Americans who are with ideas, a person born in any part of the world may come up with any idea that might revolutionize and entire industry. This is where Blueseed steps in. Continue reading Blueseed : Visa Free America Possible For Entrepreneurs

Build A Free Dropbox Hosted Website

Since the time Dropbox was launched it has been an amazing and reliable service for storing data and essential things that may get lost anytime. Some people got a little more creative to find out that folders can also be made public so it can be used in a different way such as hosting a website. As this began to progress a tool called Droppages is available that allows anyone to build a free Dropbox hosted website with some advanced features. Continue reading Build A Free Dropbox Hosted Website