How to Install Ubuntu along with Windows

Note : The first option below works only for Ubuntu 12.x and not for recent versions(13.x)

Well a very common question nowadays I get to hear from a lot of people.The ones who wanna try out Ubuntu Linux as well as Windows.Well you don’t need to worry as there is an amazing way to do this and the best part is you don’t even have to partition your hard disk for that.

#1 Install Ubuntu without Partitioning your Hard Disk (Only Version 12.x)

  • You guys have to simply download a very small software(less than 3 MB) called Wubi.

Download WuBi

  • Its a complete free and it doesn’t require as such any special configuration on your computer.

Remember if you have already downloaded Ubuntu the Wubi you download should be the same version as of Ubuntu or else it wot work together.eg. If you have Ubuntu 10.04 then you should have Wubi 10.04.
  • Then you have to place the Ubuntu Image(.ISO file) you downloaded and Wubi in a single folder or if you have a CD or DVD then just insert it into your drive and wubi will detect it automatically.
  • Run WUBI and you will see the above screenshot. Set your preferences and restart.
  • Done !!

#2 Ubuntu on Another Hard Disk(for version 13.x)

Although Wubi has been suggessted by a lot of people for using Ubuntu along with Windows if you dont like it or your Ubuntu version doesn’t support it then this is the way. Don’t worry about it as there are no problems after installing both the OS in the same hard disk.
Just insert your DVD/USB/CD and start installing.

WUBI doesnt support Ubuntu studio and no progress has been seen in that yet..
There is no WUBI for Mac or other Linux distro but its under development.